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GG Jabask+/ [1973 - 1995]

GG Jabask+/ was foaled March 24, 1973 near San Antonio Texas, in the ownership of Carl D. Newton of Gigi Arabians. His first show was in 1977 at the Dallas Arabian Show where he won the English Pleasure Junior Horse Class. He then moved on to the Texas State Fair Show where he won the Stallion Class and the Versatile Horse Class. Over the next seven years he continued his show career in performance and stallion halter, showing in several shows each year. During that time he was a multi-champion in English Pleasure and Region 2, 9 and 11 Champion Stallion, U.S. National Top Ten Stallion, Canadian National Top Ten Stallion and U.S. National Reserve Champion Stallion in 1984 as a mature eleven year old stallion.

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In 1981, GG Jabask+/ was purchased by Bru-Bet Arabians in Iowa, a program that concentrated on the *Bask/*Serafix cross, often doubling up on both sires. The role fit "GG" beautifully as his dam Jalana was one of *Serafix's finest daughters. During 1986, Bru-Bet sold a part interest in "GG" to Paul Chodniewicz of Washington, New Jersey, and his associate Reverend Gerald Scott of El Jireh Living Gold East, Inc. The two owners, used "GG" much as his previous owners had, compounding the *Serafix and *Bask++ lines.

"GG" probably set some siring records in the mid 1980s, as 210 foals are registered to him for 1986 and 201 for 1987. Though Volume 68 of the stud book GG Jabask+/ is number five in all-time leading sires with a total of 895 registered offspring. He was recognized as a World Sire of Significance in 1986 and his lifetime total puts him into the Legacy Sire ranking. To date, "GG", is credited with 26 Purebred National winners and well over 100 championships making him the leading sire of Class "A" champions of all *Bask++ sons.

In September 1992, GG Jabask+/ was purchased by Rosewood Arabians and our partners Echo Ranch Arabians. Before GG arrived from the Midwest we were nervous about handling an aged breeding stallion. What if he was difficult to handle, collect and just be around? Well all our worries were for nothing. "GG" was a perfect gentleman. The perfect breeding stallion, anyone could collect him, handle him, and my young son was perfectly safe around him, and loved to ride him.

"GG" was purchased to add size, length of leg and neck, while strengthen the coupling. He did his job well in the three years we owned him. In a departure to the previous way he was bred we concentrated not on the *Serafix lines horses, but on *Bask++, Khemosabi++++ and Bay El Bey++ bred mares.

During our ownership in addition to the many outside mares he also bred the following mares owed by the GG Jabask+/ partnership:

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  • Dreams Delight (Barbary+++ x RR Windys Dream by Fire Wind)
    • 1995 Chestnut Filly, Giovanna ER
  • Sonoma Rose (*SR Nadom+ x Sonoma Miss by Baske-Tu)
    • 1996 Grey Filly, Remember Me RW
  • Khristi (Khemosabi++++ x Daurifa by Port Arief)
    • 1996 Bay Filly, unnam
  • Calleluja (Cal-O-Bask x Gay Tonya by Gay Orzel)
    • 1994 Bay Filly, Fanci Free ER
    • 1995 Chestnut Colt, Shennanigan ER
    • 1996 in foal for the last GG Jabask foal in November
  • Morning On Fire (Fire Devil+ x Morning Glorie by Barbary+++)
    • 1994 Bay Gelding, Watch Out ER
    • 1995 Bay Filly, Jabaskafire ER
  • Khapricious ER (Khemosabi++++ x Dreams Delight by Barbary+++)
    • 1996 Bay Filly, Chrystal Jabask ER
  • Eterlee (*Eter x Stormalee by Royal Storm)
    • 1996 In foal for August
  • RR Wind Song (Fire Wind x Kallita by Kallany)
    • 1996 In foal for June
  • WW Solo (Gdansk+/ x *Busola by Negatiw)
    • 1994 Grey Colt, Sterlin
  • Mandoleen Rain ER (Traditio x Redd Sonja by Barbary+++)
    • 1995 Chestnut Colt, Hennissey ER

In October of 1995 GG Jabask+/ was diagnosed with terminal stomach cancer. After the diagnosis he was fairly happy and healthy for about two months then in the last two weeks before his death he really started to go down hill. On December 21, 1995 "GG"was not feeling well at all and the decision was made to put him down.

Even in death "GG" was the true gentleman. He was given the drug to put him to sleep and before he laid down he looked around to make sure all the people were out of the way then just laid down and went to sleep. It was the saddest day of my life. "GG" was buried at a beautiful cemetery in the foothills of San Bernardino mountains overlooking the San Bernardino Valley.

He is missed and never will be forgotten! He lives on in his wonderful foals and in the hearts and minds of all who knew and loved him.

Karla Wacker

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